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Joel Stearman <dpastear@...>

Hoping to obtain information regarding Moses Regensburg (could have been
"berg") husband of Jeanette Liffman father of Ludwig (Louis on
naturalization papers) and Edward.

I have gone as far back as the 1860 Census where all but Moses are
listed. The information I have so far is that they were >from Frankfurt
and arrived here in the late 1850's however I cannot seem to obtain
information regarding their departure >from Germany (Prussia at the
time.) I have searched the German to America with no success and they
came before Ellis Island was opened. Any ideas?

Eileen Regensburg


You probably should consult NARA Microfilm Publication M261,which is an
alphabetical index of passenger srrivals in New York, NY, >from 1820 to

Additionally, NARA Microfilm Publication M261 comprises 675 rolls of
microfiled passenger ship manifests for the period Jan. 7, 1820 (when the
first law requiring such manifests took effect) to July 17, 1897.
Unfortunately, there is no index for the period June 1846-June 1897.

Good luck.

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