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N. Ring-Kendrick <adamsny@...>

While on vacation in the area where I grew up I conversed with someone
who knew about the RING family. In short, he confirmed without a doubt
that my grandfather's surname was not RING. When I asked what the
surname might have been the response was; "something like WEICZORK or
WIECZORK." In searching JewishGen and JRI-Poland I have been unable to
locate anything that seems to be close. Apparently, the name was
legally changed to RING in Bellevue, PA.

Would any of you kind Genner's have an idea of what this surname might
be and an appropriate spelling? If so, please respond privately to

Thanks for your time and any response.

Nancy Ring-Kendrick
Port Orange, FL
Member: Society of American Archivists and Florida Society of Archivists.