JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen How to work the Hamburg Lists #general

Susan Meehan <smeehan@...>

I'm glad to learn I wasn't the only one who found the Hamburg lists
directions daunting! I've had a great many messages >from JewishGen
members who also had trouble.

The trick is to be as simple as possible; just use the last name, or a
combination of the last name and first name. Nothing else!! That
works! (Do keep in mind that the spelling of your family member may
have changed, so make allowances for that.)

BTW, I'm not counting on the passenger number system used by Hamburg to
be any help to me. I checked the microfilms of many vessels at
[name of commercial site deleted --Mod.] (for which you have to pay),
and found that Hamburg had superimposed its own numbering system. Too
bad -- it seemed like a good possibility.

Best of luck to all -

Susan Bergman Meehan
Washington, DC