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On Mon, 1 Aug 2005 17:56:17 UTC, (Steve
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Dear Cousins,

In 1916 my ancestor Greynem Grimovitch >from Slonim was buried in the Mount
of Olives cemetery. The Perushim Burial Society is mentioned. Can anyone
tell me about that society? Does it represent a town in the Pale? If so,
which one?

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, Arizona
"Perushim" means "Ascetics". This is the Hebrew word that is usually
translated into English as "Pharisees". Although the word in Christian
texts (and therefore in modern European languages) has a pejorative
connotation, that is a result of the Christian politics of the
beginning of the Christian era (a topic which has no place in tis
forum); there is no negative connotation to the Hebrew word.

Rabbinical Judaism is the surviving descendant of the Pharisaic party
of that era; all Jews today, save for the Karaim (a tiny group,
doubtfully Jewish, represented today in Israel and in Lithuania), are
effectively Pharisees. For this reason, calling a burial society
"Perushim" doesn't really distinguish it >from any other burial
society; only the founders know why they chose the name.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

ISMACH: >from Lomza Gubernia, Galicia, and Ukraina
HERTANU, ABRAMOVICI, LAUER: >from Dorohoi District, Romania
GRISARU, VATARU: >from Iasi, Dorohoi, and Mileanca, Romania

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