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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

In many Orthodox cemeteries it was the practice to bury women and men on
separate sides of the cemetery. Here in Israel the practice does not exist.
My theory, unconfirmed, is that there were so many second and even third
marriages due to widowhood and divorce, that it was hard to know next to
which spouse to bury the dead. For example, one of my aunts is buried under
her third husband's name on one side of the cemetery and her second husband
is buried on the other side. A non-family member would have no idea that
there was any connection between the two.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

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My GGM was married to an Orthodox Rabbi who was a pillar of the
Scranton , PA religious community for 22 years. He died in 1931. His
wife of 35+ years was killed in an auto accident 7 years earlier in

In looking for gravestones, we have found only the wife (so far). She
is in her own grave, which surprised me.

What is the Orthodox practice of burial in such a situation? Is there
a religious reason for an Orthodox Rabbi and a wife that pre-deceased
him to be burried separately?

Note, the wife is buried near her grandchilden who pre-deceased her
diying at <1year and age 8 respectively.