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dorota <dorota@...>

I am searching for Osher BLOCH in Gargzdai, Lithuania. He probably lived
his whole life there and was in his late 50's or 60's when he died there in
late 1906 (possibly early 1907). In the jewishgen database for that town,
there is an Osher David BLIOKH, age 47 in 1885. Are Bliokh and Bloch spellings
used to transliterate the same name, so that these could be the same person?
It seems probable that this is the same name. BLOCH is rather the original
spelling and BLIOKH is the Russian "derivative".
Interestingly, near Wyszkow (Poland), where are live, there is a small
village called BLOCHY and half of the population has the surname BLOCH.
dorota boniecka