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Martha LEV-ZION <martha@...>

While I can appreciate the complaints - and even feel the pinch
myself - I don't think that those writing to complain about the venue
are aware of what it takes to set up a conference of this sort. There
are few hotels that have the number and proper sized halls available
for multisession talks every hour. When a conference group makes a
deal with a hotel, they have to take into account the cost of the
halls, the cost of the rooms, the cost of the food, the convenience
of proximity to local archives, the ability to house at least 1,000
guests, the number of free room nights they can obtain per number of
beds ordered; and more and more. It isn't just a simple matter of how
much a room will cost the attendees, although that is certainly a
factor. It is also the number of rooms and halls available; the
ability to have enough rooms to host SIGs for lunches and meetings;
available security and logistics. A million things go into choosing
the right hotel for the Conference. That probably is the hardest
thing for the committee to finally decide. If NYC has decided on the
Marriott, you can be sure that they have checked out all possible
alternatives and received the best deal available >from the Marriott.
After all, it is in the interests of the JGSNYC to have as many of us
attend as possible! So try to cut them some slack about the cost of
the rooms. They did the best by us that was possible, taking all the
requirements of the conference into consideration. I know what goes
into this choice because of our Conference arrangements in Jerusalem
in 2004. So thank you, JGSNYC, for making the best arrangements you
could for us!

Martha Lev-Zion
President, IGS-Negev