JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Town of Kodell #general

Alexander Sharon

Howie Axelrod wrote

Is anyone familiar with a town called Kodell that would have been part of
Russia (or perhaps Poland) in 1913? This is on the text and scanned
manifest >from Ellis Is.

The rest of his family came >from an area known as Wladimar, Wolynsk,
Poland (about 1920). This town has many names, but is best know I believe
as Lublin, and in (I believe) present day Ukraine. I would assume that

You are correct. Town name is clearly spelled in the manifest as Kodell.
What is amazing is that two different scribes have been working on the
manifest on November 29, 1913 when your relatives have arrived in Ellis

Those scribes have managed to distort everything they could: the surname and
first names of your relative and town name.
Perhaps all went wrong since this particular day fell on a Saturday.

Town should read: Chodel, pron. [khoh dell] and place is located 20 miles
WSW >from Lublin.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor