JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching: GNISHER & FINKLESTEIN families #general

Michael Trapunsky <trapunsky@...>

Hi all,

Earlier I posted a search for my KANTOR family >from Paberze and Vilna.

I have some more information on one of the families in case it helps.

Hirsch KANTOR (dates unknown) married Chana (maiden name unknown) and they
had: Hertz, Meir, Tzippy and Fruma.

Fruma's children were:
1- Hertzig GNISHER - who had a son Hirsch

2- Meir Henoch FINKLESTEIN - married Shaina (maiden name unknown)and had:
Simcha Gemida, Kayla, Esther, Chana, Hirsch & Matei

3- Malkah

4- Sarah

Given that I have 2 different surnames for Fruma's sons, I'm not sure what
Malkah's and Sarah's surname was. I guess it's possible that Fruma had 2
husbands or that one of the sons changed their surname.

I would love to hear back >from anyone who might possibly know of a
connection or anything at all about these families.

Thank you very much,

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York, USA