JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Translation Needed: Headstone of Iosel Cohn #general


Hello. I wonder if someone can translate my greatgrandfather's
headstone for me? This stone is for Iosel Cohn >from Bucharest,
Romania. I was able to determine the "here lies" part but I'm lost
after that. The stone can be viewed on Viewmate: File VM7099.
Please send responses directly to my email address. Thanks.

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, Illinois

Researching: COHN (Bucharesti, Botosani, Romania, Montreal, Haifa)
HAMMER (Chernivtsi, Bukavina, Montreal) HANDELMAN (Spivak, Ukraine)
GOLDMAN (Spivak) Shenkman (Volyntsy, Vitebsk gubernia, Riga)

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