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I found the WW1 Registration Card for a relative, who, according to family
lore served in the Quartermasters. The same information passed down is that
he was the father of only one child because his wife was told by a doctor
not to bear any more children. The age of the man in question as listed on
the registration > card is 30. (He became a father in 1927.)

Asked if he was a naturalized citizen, a natural-born citizen or an alien, he
checked off natural-born. I presume this is meant to signify that he was born
in the U.S., but I know this is not true and in fact on the next line he
indicates he was born in "Russia Poland," as I have always been told is the
case and as is consistent with all of my documentation for him.

The next line reads, "If you are not a citizen, of what country are you a
citizen or subject" and the handwritten answer is "USA."

Next, my relative is claiming exemption >from the draft. His grounds?
"Cripple." Asked the nature of his disability, he writes "retain testacle."
I presume he misspelled testicle. Beyond that, what exactly is this
condition? Googling it I find "retain" and "retained" testicle but only
with respect to > horses. Could this be what we would now call a descending
from the simple meaning of the word, it sounds like the exact opposite: an
undescended testicle. Humans, like horses, have them, and the structure of
the two beasts is not all that different.
Were fertility issues of interest to draft boards at the time? Should I
believe he served in the quartermasters?
Stacy Harris
The condition has little to do with fertility. The draft board was not
interested in fertility. It was interested in the physical condition of the
draftee, and in what kind of training and operational effort he was capable
of undergoing (none of which included reproductive capacity). He was put in the
Quartermaster Corps, probably as a clerk, because normally the duties of its
personnel don't involve combat or combat training. Why not believe it?

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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