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Rich Lowenthal <richlowenthal@...>

I too have relatives I have never found in the census. In some cases it
turned out their names were so imaginatively misspelled that it was only
luck and wildcards that allowed me to find them at all. If you are using a
service that allows searches on other criteria try using their ages,
birthplaces, or first names.

Knowing the address helps, although not always--in the 1910 census, my
grandmother's entire apartment building is missing. I guess the census
taker quit early that day.

Rich Lowenthal

North Bennington, VT


"Yehudh bn Shlmo" <> wrote
At 5:57 PM -0700 4/24/06, Debbie Skolnik wrote:

My maternal grandparents lived in Chicago. Try as
I might, I cannot find them in the online census of
1920, although I know they were in Chicago at the time.