JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Russian to English translation of POT for Leyb Sheinkman #general


I have posted a POT on Viewmate. I need a Russian to English translation of a
Page of Testimony for Leyb Sheinkman which was submitted by Vladimir Zbenovich.
The PoT can be found at

I am particularly looking for a translation of Zbenovich's address and phone
number so that I may contact him as I believe we could be related. Please respond
privately to me at As always, thank you.

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: SHENKMAN/SHEINKMAN (Volyntsy, Vitebsk gubernia; Kiev; Riga);
COHN (Botosani,Bucharesti, Romania, Montreal, Philadelphia);
HANDELMAN (Spivak/Shpikov, Ukraine); ABRAMS/ABRAMOVICH (Odessa);
FRIEDMAN/FRIDMAN (Vitebsk gubernia); STERIN (Ukraine); HAMMER
(Chernivitsi, Montreal)