JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Petersburg as starting place #general

Jules Levin

My questions relate to family origins/shetls. The handbook of Jewish
surnames shows Schwerdlin/Sverdlin/ Swerdlin/Sverdlov as coming >from the
area of Lepel, Disna, Vitebsk, Polotsk, >from the village of Sverdly near
Polotsk. Additional contacts within Jewishgen, also indicate Gloubke in
Minsk gubernia. The passenger list shows Petersburg as the point of origin,
how is this possible? Petersburg is clearly out of the Pale and my GGF was
not someone whose talents were required there. He was a milkman (milk
delivery) in Chicago 1900, retired in 1910, and died in 1914.
In 1891 20,000 Jews living in Petersburg without the right to do so were
expelled. By then the Pale restrictions were clearly breaking down.
There was a substantial and wealthy Jewish community living there, even
in Tsarskoe Selo, the imperial suburb which was by then a bourgeois
bedroom community, the first fully electrified town in the world, with
a commuter train running into Petersburg. A Jewish girls' school was
founded there in the 1880's. Do you know what he actually did in
Petersburg? Perhaps he owned a milk delivery service.
Jules Levin