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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Reuven Mor wrote: < with ALLEMAND {>from Constantinople!} turning up in Celia's
postings about Aschkenasi, I'd like to discuss a story with which I am stuck
for a long time. When my ggggrandmother Caroline Breinge, daughter of Hirsch
BERLEBOURG, married Eduard Herz GOLDSCHMIDT in Frankenthal, Palatinate, in
1790; her father was not alive, and her uncle and guardian was Josel (Joseph,
etc.) L'ALLEMAND in Mannheim. I have no idea in which way he was related,
and never found others with this name in Mannheim. I found that his second
wife was Ester SINZHEIM....... ..... Has anybody experience with this SINZHEIM
family, whose center seems to have been Vienna, Austria, and might know of
links to Mannheim and France?>

Well you are in luck Reuven. Abraham b Chaajjim ha-Levi SINZHEIM {died 17 Feb.
1754 Vienna} was the brother of Lob SINZHEIM (died 4 June 1744 Vienna). Lob,
one of the leading early financiers [Hof Jude] of Vienna in the 18th century.
Both brothers are buried in the old Vienna cemetery in the Rossau [pre
Wahringer and Zentralfriedhof].

Abraham was also a "Hof Jude" of the Kaiser, but he never abandoned his Jewish
faith. He was a great benefactor [supported an educational institute in Worms]
and also supported the synagogue in Vienna financially. He had ten children and
a daughter married into the French ROTHSCHILD family.

Lob Jehuda Efraim ha-Levi SINZHEIM of Vienna also has very illustrious members
on his family tree - OPPENHEIMER GUGGENHEIM:

This Viennese SINZHEIM family came >from Mannheim where Abraham was a leader of
the Mannheim Jewish community.

BTW: I also have a lot about the very early ASCHKENASI of Vienna - but they
will have to wait patiently in the queue. The 17th and 18th century Tolerierte
Juden {Jews who had permission to live in Vienna pre-1848] of Vienna was a most
fascinating group of people - their names and origins conjure up the amazing
movement of Jews in that era. There was a community of poorer Jews living there
too, to support this superior, elevated coterie of Hof Juden. They too are very
worthy of study.

Celia Male [U.K.]