JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: finding Washington D.C. obituary from 1945 #general

David Shappirio

There are several newspapers to consider. They include:

1) Washington Herald (it later became the Times-Herald),
2) The Washington Post
3) The Evening Star
4) The Washington Daily News

Also, I suggest you contact the office at Adas Israel Congregation.
The people there assisted me several years ago (when I was visiting DC),
in finding grave sites at the cemetery. Note:
if and when you go there, I recommend taking the Metro (subway), as one of its
stops is almost just across the street >from Adas Israel Cemetery. My son
indicated that was by far the best way to go, and that Sunday morning was a
good time. He was 100% correct.

You can find out more >from Adas Israel's Web site:,
which also gives addresses, phones, & other helpful information.


On Oct 23, 2006, at 10:01 PM, Joseph Lonstein wrote:
Hi, I'm interested in finding the obituary for a distant relative who died
in Washington D.C. on August 17th of 1945 or 1946