JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Was/Pincus Hirshbein found! - Now/Forsyth St, New York #general

ron arons

Another way to approach this subject is to look at historical maps.

There are many wonderful websites for viewing maps of the Lower East Side

(see, for example, maps of Manhattan): )

from my work on Jewish criminality, I'm well aware of the level of crime
that occurred near the intersection of Forsyth and Grand Streets. [I even
talked about this intersection during my presentation at the IAJGS
conference about various websites.] Notables, including "Dopey" Benny Fein
and Irving "Waxey Gordon" Wexler, hung around this neighborhood in the early
1900s. 98 Forsyth Street was home to Odd Fellows Hall - home to many a drug
dealer, including Waxey.

Ron Arons
Oakland, CA