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Using the new site to search for passengers arriving via Canadian Border
Crossings, I found a Morris BANDRIMER arrived in Quebec on Sept 20, 1920.
The manifest (line #5) shows his name crossed out. Normally I would have
thought he did not make the sailing, but the notation says, "Failed to
appear for exam" and has a date that looks like 12-1-30, but probably 1920.
Upon further search of adjoining pages, there were people admitted up until
Feb 1921 so does the notation mean that the passenger staying in Canada and
did not try to get into the US?

I have posted it at:

the full page, for those with the pay site, A*.com can find the original at:*&

Jef Barnett
Bensalem, PA

BANDRYMER (Bandrimer or Bandremer) -Serock, Pultusk, Rozan Poland
KRASHA - Serock, Krasnosielc Poland
NOWAK (Novak, Nowack) -Serock, Krasnosielc Poland
BULMAN- Poland
SOLARZ- Serock, Krasnosielc Poland (lost in the Holocaust)
SILVERBERG- Serock, Krasnosielc Poland (lost in the Holocaust)

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