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tom klein <jewishgen@...>

As good a place to start as any other, try the JewishGen Family Finder (there are
several researchers listed for MUGHRABI and variants). Since the Jews were
expelled >from spain in 1492, i would guess that "Jewish >from Spain" means Sephardic
Jews, which could be anywhere >from London to Morroco to Alexandria or Salonika.

As in any other genealogical research, the best way to proceed is to document
whatever you can, including making a record of the family's oral history, and then
look for birth/marriage/death documents, etc. maybe they know where the family
immigrated to South Africa >from (possibly London or Amsterdam?), which would be a
place to continue the search.

In answer to the request to "find her mother's family", you may wish to give the
person a copy of Dan Leeson's "Jewish Genealogical fable"
(, which is both humorous and

good luck,

tom klein, toronto

"DIGITAL PIX (Anne BREST)" <digitalphoto@...> wrote:
I have been asked by a friend to please find her mother's family. The
family were originally Jewish >from Spain, a Gabrielle and Mizrachi MOGRABI
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