JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Museum of Family History May 2009 Update #general

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>


Here’s what’s new this month at the Museum of Family History:

1. This past month I introduced a nice redesign of the Museum website. It’s
nice to have a change in design after four plus years, so I hope you enjoy
it. I think it’s more attractive and allows for easier access to major
exhibitions. You can still access most everything through the Site Map page,
but this is still a good added feature. You will also find that on all
redesigned pages, Google-powered search engines are available at the top of
each page, i.e. on more than three dozen pages. This should help you search
the site more easily.

Included with this redesign are indexes for all of the audio or video clips
on my site, which should be helpful to those who like to experience the
multimedia aspect of the site. These index pages include links to the pages
that contain each clip.

Also, for all those who have contributed material to my site, you are
entitled to receive all upcoming versions of the Museum’s new e-newsletter
Perspectives. This will provide all those who have participated in the
growth of the Museum to get advanced previews of exhibitions and more.

During my talk at the upcoming Philly conference I will display for the
first time and talk in detail about three new interactive floor maps I’ve
created. These maps will provide a second way of accessing all the material
found on my site. For those of you who plan on attending my talk, bring your
imagination with you!

2. Exhibitions:

--The Jews of Latvia/Churbn Lettland: The Destruction of the Jews of Latvia:
All but a very small portion of the English translation of this book is now
online at the Museum. The full edition should be online within the week. You
can find it at .
Simply click on the word “here” on that page. Please note that many of the
exhibition’s URLs have changed, so please use the links in the new Table of
Contents page to arrive at the page or section you wish to read.
Please note that mention is made of transports of Jews >from Kovno and Vilna
are mentioned in the book.

--Synagogues of Europe: Photographs of two dozen synagogues that once stood
in Austria, mostly those once found in Vienna can be found at . More synagogue photos
will be added over time >from more European countries.

--Yiddish Theatre Placards: More placards >from New York City Yiddish
productions starring Berta Kalich (as "Hamlet"), Boris Thomashefsky, Jacob
P. Adler et al.

--World Holocaust Memorials: United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia:
Monument to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs.

Steve Lasky