JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Deportations from Greece-Rhodes-BENOUN #general

Nardo Bonomi

Rhodes and the Dodecanese were Italian >from 1920 to the end of WW2.
That is during the persecutions the deportees were Italian citizens
and are listed in the published reseaches.
The book "Il libro della memoria" lists most of the deportees >from the
Greek islands (and Rhodes) in the pages 636-759.
Since some years I am building a database with those names at
In the book there are three pages (pages 657-659) with BENUN deportees,
but there is not a Suzane or Susanna.
I hope this helps

Nardo Bonomi
Firenze - Italy

Researching on:
BRAVERMAN >from Podolya GROBMAN Ukraine
LUFT >from Galizia GRUNBLATT >from Galizia

..."I'm searching the trace of a lady named Suzanne BENOUN (maiden name)
who was deported >from Greece during WWII.