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Miriam Delorie wrote on 29 jun 2009 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
Good morning,
Good evening to you too, Miriam,

After many years of research on my father (Mark Coleman)
and his immediate family and just not finding the information I need,
I thought to maybe try any records of my father's barmitzvah which I
am presuming he must have had and am also presuming that as he was
born in Whitchapel, that his barmitzvah must have taken place in that
area. Would anybody be able to direct me to which site I must try and
research, ie. The Jewish Chronicle ? Would anyone have this email
address pse ?
Since Bar Mitzwa primarily is something you "become", and not something you
"have", unlike a Bris Mila, I doubt it was so noteworthy in that time and
age to have it registered.

However, if you have, and you most probably do, the exact date of his
becoming 13 years and one day, perhaps we could be more helpful in
searching. And what was his motheres maiden name?

I do not see any Marc Coleman born in Whitechapel before 1925 in

Maybe in Windsor 1901?

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The Netherlands.
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