JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Help in Identifying Two Towns in Ukraine/Galicia #general


I wrote, in part:
I am trying to find two towns in Communities Database. I believe that the towns
are Wolcze - 49:12:25N, 23:05:42E Holowiecko - 49:18:15N, 22:53:12E
based on the latitude-corrected map at ... in present-day
Ukraine, near the border with Poland.
And Alexander Sharon replied, in part:
Both towns are listed in ShtetlSeeker: Holowiecko is currently known as
Golovetskoye at 4918 2253 Ex Wolcze is located about 6 miles (exactly 5
geographical minutes)South >from Golovetskoye at 4913 2253, and is currently known
as Volchye.
Holowiecko (Golovetskoye) matches the coordinates I got >from the lazarus web site
map. Wolcze does not match the coordinates of Volchye. On the map, the two towns
are not directly north and south of each other; Holowiecko is north and west of
Wolcze. I am not sure where the discrepancy arises - ShtetlSeeker or the lazarus
Barry Finkel