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Dear All

Yoszef KORACH, also known as Joseph KORRIG/KORIGY,
naturalised in June, 1905. According to the London Gazette,
he came >from Austria/Hungary and he lived at 165 London Rd,
Leicester. Not yet applied for his file >from the UK Archives.

There is also another family, not sure if they are related to

Simon CORAK born c.1840, son of Abraham and Helen MOSKIVITZ,
married to Nettie nee MARINOVITZ. Simon went to the
US in the mid 1870s, with two of their sons born in England,
on some records, and London on others.
Joseph born c.1870 and Myer/Michael Morris born c. 1866/7.
Not sure if Nettie went to the US as well. I've not been able to
find an accurate match for the births nor what happened to Nettie.

If anybody is connected to this surname which can also be
spelt as CORAK, CORACK, KOREK, KORECK, KORRICK etc, please
contact me on a1steve@... There are also families
with these names in Australia and New Zealand.

Many thanks
Naomi Ogin