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Jim Gutterman

My father George Gutterman was born in 1919, pgf died in 1922 and pgm
Mollie Gutterman died in january,1930. All residences during this
period in Brooklyn, New York City. I have established that my Uncle
Abe, Mollie's brother, lived with them during the 1920s and that Abe
subsequently raised him (plus his own 2 kids) once Mollie died. In
Viewmate I have a copy of Abe's marriage certificate >from 1923. Of
note on the upper left hand corner of the second page is the note
"welfare", a word I can't read, and then the date 2/3/30. Under it is
some the number 652051 and a date and initials i presume. Besides what
I can't read, would appreciate anyone's thoughts on what might be
gleaned >from this. This was the very beginning of the Depression, so
am guessing somehow they, on behalf of themselves or my recently
orphaned father, applied for some sort of welfare. Any idea of how I
might match this number 652051 to some sort of welfare records?
Interested in anyone more familiar with "welfare" at the time, was of
the impression no real social safety net at that point if relative
available to take you in.

Another question is that Abe's mother's maiden name shown as Rachel
Neisman (pggm). On Mollie's death certificate it shown as Rachel
Wasserman. Any relationship between those two names, or is it just a
matter of differing memories by people giving out the information?
Rachel and her husband Wolf (pggf) were in volyn region of russia and
as far as I can tell never came over to america.
I have the documents in viewmate 15895 and 15896

Appreciate anyone's thoughts and help here.

James Gutterman

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