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This is my 1st post, so please forgive any errors. My g/father Harry
SOLOMON's (>from Romania)naturalization document has my g/mother Anna's maiden
name as KLIGER >from Kurland (no town). They were married in Lower Manhattan,
NY on Oct.22, 1904 and his given name is listed as Harris on the marriage
certificate. I have searched for the past 7-8 years for my g/mother's maiden
name Kliger on passenger lists at every entry port in the U.S. and
Canadian Border Crossings with no results whatever. The 1910, 1920 and 1930 US
Census all have different years that my g/mother arrived in the US. The years
respectively in order are 1899, looks like 1889, and 1901. Does anyone out
there have any idea what her surname could have been before she arrived
here? None of my 5 surviving cousins have any old documents or knowledge of our
g/parents. Is this enough information I have provided or would more be
much more helpful? Thank you kindly for any assistance anyone may be able to
come up with to get through this brick wall. I am David Pearlstein