JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: How long does it take to get death certificate from NY Dept. of Health ? #general

Janice Faye Rosen

For New York, I had to provide relationship to the deceased and a known address
where the person lived and reason for wanting it. Some places for ordering death
certificates online have drop down windows where you have only certain options -
direct and immediate line of descent - making it difficult to get a death
certificate for an aunt or uncle or another line of the family tree. I am sure
there are ways to get around these challenges. If the person has been dead for
over 100 years and it is public record, it should not be so difficult.

Janice Rosen
Washington, DC

Searching FRIMMERMAN (or variant spelling) in Zhvanets and surrounding
areas in Ukraine wrote:

I am just curious if anyone has had any recent experience with ordering a death
certificate by mail >from the NY Department of Health. How long did it take for
you to receive the document? Were there any complications, such as being required
to provide more information such as your relationship to the deceased?