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Roberta Sheps

Further to Alexander's email about the Roman Catholic tradition of eating
fish on Fridays, it's also helpful to remember that for many years Jews
shared London's East End with members of many nationalities, including the
Irish, who also were predominantly RC. Indeed, the divine Claudia Rodin
attributes the invention of fish and chips to the combination of the Jewish
tradition of frying fish in batter and the Irish heavy consumption of potatoes.

Roberta Sheps, Colchester, England

On 13 Jul 2014, at 08:20, Henry Tobia <henrytobias2646@...> wrote:
My maternal line was Lithuanian and my paternal line was Polish. Both
my parents were born in London, England. I remember as a young child
that we had fish for Friday night supper, but in later years my mother
made chicken. Does anyone else have a similar memory and does anyone
know if this was a tradition in one of these two cultures? Thanks