JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Fish suppers #general

Anita Goldhill

Fish in England was cheap food, chicken was more expensive now it is the other
way around.

The Sephardic Jews would eat cold fried fish as a Shabbat meal which the
Ashkenazim adopted. I do not think the Catholic tradition of eating fish on a
Friday had any thing to do with Eastern European Jews.

Polish Jews and other Jews >from Eastern and Central Europe specialised in
Gefilte Fish using slight variations on the recipe depending on where they came
from. This dish was usually made >from fresh water fish which was chopped or
minced and used to stuff the skin of a carp. Once settled in Britain they also
began to fry minced fish balls. Today we mainly use sea fish.

For some Jews fish solves the problem with Kashrut (keeping kosher) by just
having one set of cutlery & dishes and being able to have milk such as in tea
and coffee straight after a meal.

kind regards

Anita Benson
London UK

Henry Tobias wrote:

My maternal line was Lithuanian and my paternal line was Polish. Both
my parents were born in London, England. I remember as a young child
that we had fish for Friday night supper, but in later years my mother
made chicken. Does anyone else have a similar memory and does anyone
know if this was a tradition in one of these two cultures? Thanks
Alexander Sharon wrote:

This is a long standing Roman Catholic tradition of Friday Fast.