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Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

In attempting to work with a large db (about 250 names) of a single
family surname, I found it helpful to sort an Excel file by year for
each person BMD so that I could isolate same-generation events and
distinguish between people who are named for their ancestors and later
generations and not make the mistake of identifying, for example,
Abram of 1845 with an Abram of 1897 having different birth years. The
problem comes up when a marriage year doesn't make sense with a birth
year for a same given name due to unreasonable ages. Can someone
suggest a more elegant method to build a relationship table from
disparate BMD data? I realize, of course, that if I work only from
indexes I am limiting myself, but I can't see it helpful to order
dozens of documents that need translation (and are expensive) without
first doing some preliminary work of this sort.

Avigdor Ben-Dov