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Roy Star

It has recently come to my attention of this 'home movie' that was
shown a few weeks ago at the British Film Institute and is available
for anyone to see on Youtube. It is the marriage of my great-uncle
Solly GERSHCOWIT to Rosie CARMEL in 1925.

It starts off with the bride & groom leaving their home which was
above the family Ironmongers store at 50 Brick Lane, London,E1.
Many members of the family can be seen dancing in a garden. My mother
Sylvia STAR should be there (age 5) but I cannot see her. Also my
grandparents should be there too, but cannot be identified! The film
has been available on YouTube channel since 2009 and has received
almost 10,000 views to date -- here is the link if you want to see
the film : .
The text will be updated to reflect the information on the family
that I recently gave to the BFI.

It's a lovely film and they are planning to add it to the BFI Player,
initially as part of their big Britain on Film project
(, but it will also feature
in a new Jewish Britain collection planned for 2017.
If anyone would like to give me any further information on the party
guests or comments you can contact me privately on :
Roy Star
Researching :
GERSHCOWIT(Z) >from Lithuania / London
STARYSOLLER (many different spellings) >from Tarnopol and Zbaraz.
GRUN >from Tarnopol
WAINSTAIN >from Poland / Russia
WARMAN (different spellings) >from Krakow / London
TERNOFSKY >from London