JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Warsaw property restitution #general

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Warsaw Researchers,

Jan Meisels Allen recently posted about the World Jewish Restitution
Organization's new database to help former owners of certain Warsaw
properties, or their heirs, seek restitution.

Before using the database, please read this carefully:

After using the database, regardless of whether you find or do not
find a match to a potential homeowner's name or address, please see
the guide I have provided for further online research at .
This might help you find additional information supporting claims or
homeowners not listed in the database. The database uses information
from the 1939/1940 and 1930 Warsaw Homeowners Directories, but there
are about 50 other searchable online directories (business, telephone,
etc.) with Warsaw coverage during 1935-1948 and I explain in detail
how to search them through I also describe a
map-based procedure to account for street name changes and post-War
construction, since many addresses were given by the City of Warsaw in
their post-War forms.

You might also find supporting information by searching for a
homeowner's surname or a property's mortgage number in the government
publication Monitor Polski, which announced many post-War inheritance
proceedings. To search, go to . At the bottom of
that page, enter a search term next to "Tresc" (e.g., Klajtman or
3190) and then press the "Szukaj" button on the right to search. Some
of this material has been indexed by, but I
do not know how much.

Please note that I am unable to give advice about the claims process,
but, if you find a match in the database and have questions about
further directory-based research, please feel free to contact me

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.