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David Perle wrote:
<< I'm hoping to find out about birth/marriage/death records for
Kamienczyk, Poland. It's not listed as a town in JRI-Poland's database
(though a relatively small number of results come up if you query just for
the town--not records filed in the town but otherwise referred to in records
from other cities), and I've not been able to find information on JewishGen.
Any leads? >>

JewishGen Gazetteer < >

Five towns named Kamienczyk, Poland are listed including one with a
significant Jewish community that was in Wegrow district of Siedlce
province, Russia before WWI and in Radzymin district, Warszawa province,
Poland between the Wars. It is located 34 miles NE of Warszawa, 24 miles NW
of Wegrow and 3 miles E of Wyszkow.

Routes to Roots Foundation < >

RTR lists 0 record groups available for Kamienczyk, 7 record groups for
Wyszkow including BD records 1874-1892; 1894-1909 in State Archive for the
City of Warsaw Branch Archive in Pultusk, and 11 record groups for Wegrow
including BMD records 1826-1904/08 in State Archive in Siedlce.

JRI-Poland < >

As you found, a search in JRI-Poland for town Kamienczyk records lists 12 in
Lomza, 5 in Siedlce and 20 in Warszawa Gubernia. Most of the records are
from Wyszkow and Wegrow PSAs.
Try contacting JRI-Poland's Wyszkow and Wegrow Town Leaders or Pultusk and
Siedlce Archive Coordinators for indexing status of PSA records. Some Wegrow
records are also in LDS films and those indexes are complete.
Town page for Wyszkow < >
Town page for Wegrow < >

Good luck!
Bette Stoop Mas