JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen "The R. P. Club of Philadelphia" -- 1905 #general

Renee Steinig

My husband's grandfather, Isidore Steinig, is one of nine young men
pictured in a photograph taken in 1905 in Philadelphia. He was about
17 then. The photo's on ViewMate...

The back of the photo is labeled "The R. P. Club of Philadelphia" and
lists H. Herman, President; Wm. Bloom, Vice President; I. S. Steinig,
Treasurer; H. Satinsky, Secretary; and members S. J. Fields, B. Gold,
H. Holfman, B. Lipowitz, Wm. Hoffman, and L. Siegel. The photographer
was Joseph R. Rappaport, 149 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia.

Has anyone ever heard of this group or any of its members?

A little more about Grandpa Izzie:

He immigrated to the United States in 1903 >from what was then Tluste,
Galicia -- now Tovste, Ukraine. He first lived in New York City with
his father and stepmother, then went to Philadelphia, where he
married Eva Katz in 1910. Their first child was born in Philadelphia
in 1911. By 1915, they were in New York, where they remained. For many
years, Izzie worked for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union and
family lore has it that he went to Philadelphia to help organize
workers... but since that union wasn't formed until 1914, maybe not!

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY