JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Same person listed on two passenger manifests within ten days #general

Barbara Sloan <bj1friends@...>

Allan Jordan stated, "Remember most people arrived at the port with no
identification other than their word. Passports did not exist and
many were in effect leaving their countries without papers or even

While I'm sure that is true in many cases and I can't speak to other
countries, I have a copy of my ggrandfather's passport >from Russia
from 1905, in which he traveled with three of his minor children
listed. It is written in Cyrillic (presumably Russian), German and
French. It is essentially the same format shown here: .

It appears that he made several trips to and >from Russia until he had
brought his entire family to America, starting at least by 1897.

Russia had passports by at least early 1905, based on this. It's not a
stretch to think they existed in 1904, though a quick internet search
did not substantiate my opinion.

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC