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The Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group (Rav-SIG) is pleased to
announce the publication in our Online Journal of three new articles on the
subject of European and Hasidic rabbis and dynasties.

I. "European Rabbis Throughout the Generations"

This article discusses the historical development of the Jewish communities
in Europe and the origin of the generations of rabbis and rabbinic families.
The Appendix includes: 1) Sifrei Minhagim Vedinim (List of Books of Jewish
Law and Customs, 13th to 15th Century), 2) List of Rabbinic Families
[surnames], and 3) Selection of Rabbinic Literature Containing Genealogical

II. "The Hasidic Rabbinate, Part I"

This article details how and why the Hasidic movement was born and the
persons responsible for its formation.
The Appendix includes: 1) Students of the Baal Shem Tov who did not establish
dynasties, and 2) Students of Rabbi Dov Ber, the Magid of Miedzyrzec
(Mezritsh), who did not establish dynasties.

III. "The Hasidic Rabbinate, Part II"

A continuation of Part I, this article details the latter generations of the
Hasidic movement and the organization of the Hasidic movement into dynasties.
The Appendix includes: The Succession of Hasidic Dynasties (eight

The author, Dr. Yehuda Klausner, is a civil engineer and member of the Israel
Genealogical Society. The articles were originally published in both Hebrew
and English in the award-winning "Sharsheret Hadorot," Journal of the Israel
Genealogical Society. Rav-SIG is greatly indebted to its editor, Yocheved
Klausner, for permission to reproduce the articles and for her invaluable
assistance in preparing them for republication on our web site. (For further
information, see: http://www.isragen.org.il )

All articles may be accessed >from the Online Journal Table of Contents:

Shirley Rotbein Flaum, Coordinator
Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group (Rav-SIG)
Houston, Texas