JRI Poland #Poland Re: CWITAWA? #poland

Alexander Sharon

Patricia Wilson wrote:

I have recently found an Ellis Island record for a husband and wife who
claim they came >from Cwitawa Poland, on the actual shipping manifest it
says Petkamien/Patkemien.

Searching Shtetl Seeker I cannot connect the two places - any ideas?

Perhaps Podkamien?


You are most probably searching for place Cwitowa, and it can be
challenging and confusing a bit since there were two Cwitowa and at
the same time also two Podkamien in Poland.

One Cwitowa was located in district Buczacz near towns Brody and
Jazlowiec (currenly known as Pomortsy) in Tarnopol Province.

The other Cwitowa was located in Kalusz district near towns Bukaczowce
and Bursztyn in Stanislawow Province.

I have measured distances >from both Cwitowa to both town named Podkamien
in Stanislawow Tarnool and at appears that your Cwitowa is one in
Stanislawow region.
It is known currently as Tsvitova at 4913 2428.
Podkamien at 4927 2429 is located 16 miles >from Tsvitova.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor