JRI Poland #Poland writing letter in Polish #poland


This is my second attempt to get a short letter translated into Polish
and I hope someone can help me. I need to request Polish Army records and
see if there are any records for my father. Can someone translate this
into Polish?

"Dear Sir, I understand I can request any Polish Army records that are
available for my father, Wladyslaw JARON, born Feb. 14. 1907 in Ruda
Talubska, Garvolin, Poland. He left Poland sometime around 1938 and
died in the US in 1952. If there are any records, please send them
to me at: ______ . I can pay any cost for these copies."

Thanks, Geri Jaron Schlenoff
Baltimore MD
JARON - Ruda Talubska, Garvolin Poland

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