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Dear all

Apologies and thanks to all that have responded but some unseen Spell check
seems to have kicked in - the names below should have read Hebrew
"Yehonoson b'r Yehonotan" in Russian "Nusen son of Shiya"

Any help with any Polish variations gratefully received

Many thanks

Rachel Poole

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Can anyone help me please. I have discovered that my ggf came >from Russian
Poland; In England he was known as John Silver, his Hebrew name was
Kerhonkson bar Neonatal. It seems in Russian this would be Unseen son of

To further add to the search I have just received my gm marriage
authorisation and whilst she was born in England as Esther Rose SILVER, on
the marriage authorisation it gives her surname as SIENER

I have tried searching the databases but am not coming up with anything I
can make sense of.

Can anyone suggest what the "Polish" name may have been?


Rachel Poole