JRI Poland #Poland question regarding name: Ingberg or Gincberg? #poland

Elizabeth Jackson

Hello members! I am researching the family name INGBERG of various
locations throughout Poland, with specific relatives having resided in
Warsaw, Bialystok and Lodz. When I research the name INGBERG on databases
several listings come up for the spelling GINCBERG. I did have an Uncle
residing in Bialystok. No listings come up for the name INGBERG in
Bialystok, but there are several listings for the name GINCBERG. I am
wondering if anyone can provide me with some insight into whether these
two names could be one and the same or if they are entirely different

Any information will be greatly appreciated. You may reply to me
privately at: cattheater@yahoo.com
Thank you!
Elizabeth Jackson
Muskegon MI USA