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Jo Ann Goldwater

I'm writing in response to Paul Silbert's e-mail about Last Walk in
Naryshkin Park by Rose Zvi. I read the book recently and I would
recommend it to everyone. She tells her story in a way that makes
you want to read on as if you're reading a mystery, and want to find
out what happens at the end. She describes how she found her
relatives (some living and some deceased) that she had heard about
but never met. At the same time, it's told in a way that makes it
interesting to everyone. It's an invaluable resource for life in
Zagare before the war, what happened there during the Holocaust, and
what her immediate family experienced in Mexico, South Africa, and
Australia. If you would like to order it, it's available on for $12.22.

Jo Ann Goldwater Montreal

Researching GOLDWASSER, KAGAN, SARON, ABRAHAMS >from Akmene, Zagare,
and Riga.