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I wonder if anyone can come up with an explanation to a problem I have come up
against in my research.
My gt gt grandfather was called Nachman Zukerman and going by a marriage
authorisation document >from the office of the chief Rabbi for his daughter the
came >from Kalvarija in Lithuania.
Family members informed me that during WWII some family members went to New
Zealand to stay with the other side of the family who emmigrated there instead
of the UK, it was always believed to be Nachans brother's family..
I have traced the movements of that family form Hull to Portsea before
emmigrating to Australia then onto New Zealand.
The problem I have is this, the "root" of the New Zealand tree is a gentleman
called Nachman Zukerman ! I have his Australian naturalizaion document from
1904 showing he was born in Semiatach Bilsk Grodna 8th September 1850.
My Nachman was also born around 1850, both professions are Picture Dealer !.
Now I know they cannot be the same man was my gt gt grandfather is buried in
Manchester and the other is buried in New Zealand.
They cannot be brothers with the same name so what is the answer, I assumed
cousins but could there be another explanation ? some people believe that the
Austalian Nachman may have used his brothers identity to emmigrate to
Would this be possible ? I am not sure what sort of documents they would have
brought >from Eastern Europe to do such a thing and why would they need to.
It seems the only way to link them is in Eastern Europe , are there any
searchable databases I can search to find them for the 1850s Lithuania ?.
I hope someone can offer me an alternative explanation.
Michael Hill