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A little while ago I wrote the research approach being currently used by =
the=0ALithuanian Archives is causing a hit or miss retrival of documents.=
This was=0Avery correctly amplified on by Saul in his usual professiona=
l and wider-scope=0Amanner.

I would like to purpose a new approach that maybe in long run prove to be=
=0Abetter than what we are now doing by submitting a surname and request =
to a=0Asearch of a specific shtetlach or area in Lithuania.

A more positive approach may be that the achives complie "catlogs" of wha=
t=0Athey have on file and we choose the docments to be search for a given=
=0Asurname(s) and given cost. That either as a Sig or individually we su=
bscribe=0Ato the "catlogs" and as they are updated we would receive a new=
catlog with=0Athe changes highlighted. We all know now that there are m=
any many more=0Adocuments available that were listed in Avotaynu Monograp=
h, Jewish Vital=0ARecords, Revision Lists and Other Jewish Holdings in th=
e Lithuanian Achives=0Awhich is becoming pass=E9. I am not undermining o=
r being critical of this=0Aoutstanding publication or the ground breaking=
work of Harold Rhodes and=0ASallyann Amdur Sacks. This lead the way to =
where we are at today and I=0Aconsider it a landmark publication. I am s=
uggesting in light of what is=0Ahappening today, the closer relationship =
between the achives and LitvakSig, we=0Aneed to able to improve and this =
request of a general search of documents is=0Aonly a beginning. It may e=
ven have to be a joint effort it could so large.=0AThe archives have to b=
e brought into the 21st century.

I would also like to remind the Sig that it is not only Jewish genealogis=
t,=0Awhich need this important information, but world-wide the Lithuanian=
community=0Ais also pressing for archival information for genealogical p=

I present this thought to the Sig with the knowledge that a thread maybe=
=0Aestablished that would improve on anything I might think of alone. I =
also=0Awould work on any committee established to implement this type of =

Hank Propp