Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: litvaksig digest: August 04, 1998 #lithuania

Marcia Silberfarb <msilbe@...>

I am not sure that this is the place to address the following issue. If =
it is not, please let me know the correct address. Thanks.

Only thanks to Sam Girson and one or two others do I know that Ms. Gircyte =
of the Lithuanian Archives made an appearance in the D.C. area. I would =
like some information as to how this came about, who was invited or =
notified and, if you do not mind, whether there was any thought about =
including the membership of the Washington Area Jewish Genealogy Society. =
It does appear to me that our JGS membership is for exactly this purpose =
and not for an opportunity to donate our time to charitable enterprises , =
the latter which could be done through any number of organizations =
designated for charitable purpose, or even on our own without organizationa=
l affiliation. Yes, I am disappointed and rather dismayed. What =

Marcia Cohan Silberfarb