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Howard Margol

From: "Robert Strumwasser" <robertstrum@...>

Can anyone give me a sense of how likely it might be to find two, unrelated people with the same TWO given names? For example, I'm looking for ROZ >from Taurage. I found an Avram Yankel Roiz >from Taurage in 1816.
An Avraham Yaakov Roz appears on family tree. While this is not the individual I'm looking for (because of dates), I obviously want to follow this up.

What I'm asking is how likely is it for these two people to be related (or unrelated)?

My older brother was named, Melvin "Mendel" Margol. My first cousin is also named Melvin "Mendel" Margol. They were both born within weeks of
one another and both were named after their common grandfather.

In the example you give, ROZ and ROIZ could very easily be one and the same.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia