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Gerry Powers Volper <gerrypowers@...>

I have a treasure trove of Yiddish letters sent by my grandfather to my
father. I had them all transcribed into English in 1974 after my father's
death. I would like to share the first one with you.

1910 Thursday Parshe Va'ereh (January) Gelvan
Long life and Peace to my dear as my own life, Moishe-Joisef. Firstly, I am writing, my dear son, that I and Mother are Thank God, well. I hope to God soon to hear good things >from you.
Secondly, I received the six rubles >from you Parshe Shmois
(December). I also received five rubles >from our nephew, Joisef Bolnik, at the same time that I got your money. >from Uncle Shloime I got ten
rubles. I thank God for his goodness in giving me such good messengers. I can tell you, my dear son, that I was going barefoot and I had a pair
of shoes made, but they cost me forty rubles. There was a wall missing
upstairs. But now, as I write to you, I had a wall made for twelve
rubles. Thank God for all his goodness and wonders. But, I still owe
the Gentile thirty rubles for which I have to pay one groshen per ruble
interest. -- I can also write to you, my son, that Mother is sending you a
separate letter enclosed here.
Please ask Nechameleh to write about her health and her living
standards. (sister to my father) And most important she should observe
the holy day of Shabbes -- it will be the best present for me. I ask of
you that you write about Feiveh and Nechameh since they don't write too often.
You know already about my teaching; it is a poorly paid job. God
should have pity on us and on you and give us honorable and improved
>from me, your father who wishes you much happiness and you should
also take care of my daughter Nechameh. Your father, David Peretz
The Bobbe (grandmother) wishes you a lot of happiness always. Be well dear child, Moishe-Joisef.

I will send a second letter if people are interested.
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The family name is Adelman.

Gerry Powers Volper