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This is the culmination of over five years of research into the names of
those killed in the Holocaust in Lithuania.

Following a pilot study, and after consulting with Holocaust researchers,
it was clear that no substantive record of the names and particulars of
Lithuanian Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust existed.

The primary aim was to locate lists relating to the Jewish men, women and
children exterminated during the Holocaust in Lithuania, and to publish a
remembrance book. By perpetuating the name, the victim is brought back
from anonymity and an identity is preserved.
A further objective was to structure a comprehensive database of these
names. This database can be used as a research tool to study and analyze
the Jewish community of Lithuania prior to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet
Union (Operation Barbarossa) on June 22, 1941, the Holocaust in Lithuania,
and some patterns of deportation.

Contacts and working relationships were established with numerous research
institutions, Holocaust organizations and private individuals in Israel,
the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Lithuania and England. These
included :

Israel: Yad Vashem Hall of Names, library and archive
Beit Lochamei Hagettaot library and archives
Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel library and archive
Association of Vilna Jews in Israel library and Ohel Yizkor

United States of America:
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Survivor Registry, library,
archives and photo archives
New York Museum of Jewish Heritage Library, Oral History archives
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research library and archives
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation

Lithuania: Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum Holocaust Research Center

Requests for name submissions were mailed to Lithuanian survivors.
The opening of archives in Eastern Europe has yielded new relevant archival material. This is not a historical study; it is a compilation of names of victims and a guide to available resources. Due to the multiplicity of methods by which people were killed in Lithuania, these lists can never be complete or final.

The book " The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945: A Book of Remembrance, by
Rose Lerer Cohen and Saul Issroff, is published by Gefen: Jerusalem and New York, 2002. A background to the history of the Holocaust in Lithuania is given, and sections on deportations, ghettos and camps, the Einsatzgruppen, place names, filmography, bibliography and some personal testimonies are given. The main portions of the book are lists of names of those who perished, >from the main cities of Vilna and Kovno and >from many other mass murder areas. Necrologies derived >from Yizkor books relating to Lithuania are listed. Lists >from Soviet sources such as KGB and NKVD lists are given, as are those >from Dachau, Stutthof and other camps.

Dr Stephen D. Smith, of Beth Shalom Holocaust Center, Nottingham has
written a very moving introduction on the importance of names in
perpetuating Holocaust memory.

This extensive work is comprised of four volumes. The first is a detailed
history of the Holocaust in Lithuania, providing a historical context in
which to consider the final three volumes, which feature the lists of those who were interned in ghettos, and those who perished during the terrible years of 1941-1945. This comprehensive history also include important information, such as a list of Yahrzeit (Memorial) dates of Lithuanian Jewish communities, and detailed reference lists of films, books and articles on the Lithuanian Holocaust.

The Holocaust in Lithuania: 1941-1945 A Book of Remembrance not only serves as a memorial to Lithuanian Jewry, but at last provides a memorial to the names the men, women and children who have their place in Jewish memory, and now too, have an eternal, physical remembrance.

Gefen Publishing Company Jerusalem and New York


Vol I: 965-229-290-7
Vol IIa: 965-229-291-5
Vol IIb: 965-229-292-3
Vol III: 965-229-293-1

An advance specimen copy of Volume 1 of The Holocaust in Lithuania:
1941-1945 A Book of Remembrance will be available for inspection at the
Avotaynu stand at the Toronto IAJGS conference, and can be ordered through
Avotaynu Inc, or via Gefen Publishers at

Special discounts are available for those who wish to donate copies to
libraries and institutions. Please contact Gefen publishers directly.

Saul Issroff and Rose Lerer Cohen
Lithuanian Holocaust Names Project
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