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hanna kochavi

Dear Siggers,

For a visit of friends of mine in Lithuania, I'm looking for Litvaks who
visited in two Shtetls:

1. Giedraiciai, Vilnius uezd, Vilnius guberni, Also known as Gedrevitz.
Between the two wars was in Poland – now in Lithuania.

2. Butrimonys, Trakai uezd, Vilnius guberni, Also known as Baltromantz,
Butrimants, Butrimoniai, and Butrymanzy.

We would like to know wheter it´s possible to find in each of the places a
synaoggue/Beit-Midrash, a Jewish cemetery and/or a memorial for the Holocaust

Do you know if there are any Jewish people living in those places.

Many Thanks,

H. Kochavi

Researching: Shtern-Stern, Blecher >from Siauliai - Shavli, Antzel-AnceL,
Mer, Gordon - >from Kelem, Taurage-Tavrig.