Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Meaning of "Zwischendecks"? #lithuania

Olga Zabludoff <ozabludoff@...>

My cousins >from Kovno came to the U.S. and their passenger manifest
referred to: "zwischendecks."
Does anyone know the exact meaning of "zwischendecks"?
Hi Bob,

In Yiddish (and possibly also German) the word means "intermediate."
Literally it means "in between." And "zwei/tsvei" means "two" in both
Yiddish and German. My guess is that it refers to second class although I do
wonder if these vessels had first class. I don't know whether there was a
third class (sometimes referred to as "tourist class"), but at any rate this
points to something between steerage and two classes above.

Olga Zabludoff
Washington, DC