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Howard Margol

<< From: "Dr. Menahem Luz" <mervyn1@...>
Could anyone tell me whether the 19th century records for Jews in the town
of shavli (Siauliai) are so few because they were destroyed
or because they have not yet been transcribed\and or published on> >

Carol Baker, Siauliai District Coordinator, can probably give you a
better answer but, suffice to say, the majority of the Siauliai 19th
century records were destroyed over the years by fires, wars, floods,
thefts, etc. I believe that most, if not all, of the 19th century records
have been translated by LitvakSIG.

The Siauliai District Internal Passport records, 1919-1940 are in process
of being translated. If interested, please contact me privately.

Howard Margol
Coordinator, Internal Passport Project